Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deaf Like Me

Last Friday there was an event at Delaware School for the Deaf in the evening. Signing Santa came and told a story and held all of the kids asking what they wanted for Christmas and letting them know that he would be visiting them very soon. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with the play-doh, coloring, playing at the sand table, etc. Sophia has only visited DSD one other time and that was to go to the principal's office with me to drop something off there.

Visiting with Santa has never been very happy for Sophia. She likes him, but from a distance. Typically she wants nothing to do with Santa. Well, last night was no different. Then we sat down for story-time. Santa signed the story to the kids. Sophia was mesmerized by him. Afterwards, she wanted to give Santa a hug goodbye. She also got her picture taken with him. After we left, Sophia kept looking at me as she signed and said, "Mommy, Santa Claus is deaf like me!" She was so very happy. She finally made a connection with Santa. It is am impression I think will last a lifetime. She couldn't stop saying the same phrase over and over again. The kids dad had been out of town for the day, so he couldn't attend. All of the kids really missed him. And what was the first thing Sophia said to her dad? It certainly wasn't "Hi." or , "I missed you." Sophia, of course, had to give him the most important news of all for her -- "Daddy, Santa is deaf like me!!"

It's the little things like that that really make the difference.


  1. Awwwww...a Deaf Santa!!! That's so cool!

  2. Aw, how sweet! So glad you guys were able to attend.