Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 - Off to a Great Start!!

Well, just a short post this morning. It is snowing here on the East Coast. Everything is beautiful as the Earth seems to sleep in quiet repose. So now that my coffee has kicked in, it has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on how wonderful this year is starting off.

I am continuing to write for Pagan Moonbeams, an online e-zine that I truly love. I am also starting a book based off of a short story (or a few of them really) that I wrote. My teenage daughter loved the first story and asked me to expand upon it. She's even offered to illustrate. Love that girl! I am hoping to have that done in 2011. I'll have to keep posted on the details.

I have been asked to help on 2 projects as well this year. Both projects are more faith-based (path-based) and quite uplifting. I really am so very excited about both. The first one, I will be guest blogging, for now, on The Pagan Household. This is a wonderful project started by PaganDad and he has invited some of us to assist. This blog just started and I think will be a wonderful asset to the Pagan community. I am truly thankful that he has invited me to join in with such other wonderful people. The second project is about to launch, but we are still in process with it. When we are closer to release, I will give more updates and greater detail. I will say that this will be, in my opinion, a great resource for Pagan children and I look forward to much success.

I also have some things in the works in a more business-minded way for this year as well. I expect things to be slow at first, but I am taking my time in bringing things forward. I love being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), but I do feel the "pull" to do other things as well, provided I am still able to take care of the most important people and things in my life. So as I am gathering things about and they come to fruition, I'll post the information here with links and pics.

I really am so very fortunate and blessed and can really feel a complete energy shift towards a more positive future. 2011 has started out wonderfully and I am excited to start this year out on such a great note!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy First Monday of 2011!

Looking over the last year, there has been much that has happened on such a positive note.
We moved into a wonderful home, just perfect for our family.
I became a legally ordained High Priestess.
I got married to someone I totally love and can be "me" around.
Our son was born, making him the 5th child I've given birth to and number 6 overall.
I was able to quit my job to be a full-time SAHM.
I returned to writing and helped bring back the newsletter I absolutely love.
I had an uneventful surgery leading me to no longer be in pain (always a plus!).
I survived the holidays. As stressful as things have been, neither myself nor my husband (and oddly enough my oldest child too) were in a super "holiday" type mood.
I attended an awesome open ritual for Yule, the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse. The experiences I took away from there will never be forgotten and there was a profound effect on me for the better.
I have dropped weight that I haven't been able to drop for some time now. I've never been overweight, but I never cared for the numbers on the scale. I now weigh around what I weighed 15 years or so ago and wear the same size I wore back then too.
And most important of all, my family continues to be happy, healthy & loving life!

Here's to an even more bountiful 2011!