Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer's here already?!

Well, there goes half a year already! My how time flies. I truly can't believe how quickly the year has flown by. My oldest will be a sophmore in high school this fall and my youngest is 1 and walking EVERYWHERE!! I just can't believe how fast it's all happening.

So much has happened, and, yet, sometimes I feel as if nothing is happening.

I truly love being able to be at home each day with my children; watching them grow, helping them learn. It's an amazing thing to behold and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Most recently, the third installment of my radio show for Pagan youth, Raven's Circle, went up and is nearing 50 hits. I am very pleased with how people seem to have taken to the show. Having a "youth ministry" radio show is such a wonderful gift from the Goddess. I have been able to reach out and contact all sorts of people. I have met (virtually anyway) wonderful friends, and the path just keeps stretching further and further while I cartwheel right along.

My oldest, and my sister, have both encouraged me to open a booth at our local Pagan Pride Festival (, so I am steadily putting together my wares. Whew, what a lot of work I have ahead of me! I'm so totally excited.

Rites of Passage have been on my mind for some time now. A month ago, we celebrated our youngest son's Wiccaning. It was so wonderful. There probably aren't enough words to describe how awesome it was. Anthony was so quiet, taking in all of it. My other kids were well involved in the ritual. It was just ---- incredible. Below, is one of the pictures from that awesome, awesome day!

To make it even more wonderful, my family, whom are mostly Christian, were there and were able to see my religion first-hand for themselves. My father told me that he and my stepmother both kept remarking about just how wonderful the ceremony was. My father also told me that he could see just how peaceful and loving my religion is, and quite different and refreshing from the dogma of the religion I was raised under. Well, there went all the worry about needing to "hide" my true self, or a part of me. One of my nephews had asked his mother a question, to which he was directed, "why don't you ask your Aunt Bridget." The question was regarding my symbol of faith, what it was and what it represented. To have my family there, and being so open-minded even though unsure of what our ritual entailed, was quite a boost.

So, I think I've muttered on enough for now. If you haven't heard any of my radio shows, you can click on the links directly to the right.


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