Thursday, November 10, 2011

BOOK REVIEW - The Organic Family Cookbook

Anni Daulter has done it again with her third book, "The Organic Family Cookbook!" Filled to the brim with 176 pages of yummy goodness, personal stories, inspiration and awesome ways to bring the family together. This book is truly unique.

Not only does Anni offer up incredible recipes, but she also discusses doing things like "greening" together ~ wherein you are basically teaching your children about being more eco-conscious and how to be more gentle on the earth. This is a very fresh and refreshing view on life which can bring you and your children to a heightened awareness and higher consciousness.

Once again Ms. Daulter brings forth the wonderful magic of organics and how much better locally grown, organically grown, and even self-grown are better for you. What better reward to your own cooking than getting to enjoy what you've cooked knowing that you have either grown it yourself or supported someone locally whose has ethically grown the food? I will admit that I do not always buy organic due to the sheer size of my large family, but I do find ways to bring in organics as we are able to do so. Working with the recipes inside this, and Ms. Daulter's other two books, "Ice Pop Joy" and "Organically Raised," I've been able to find ways to replace certain food items with an organic version or change up other dishes to make them more healthy.

There is quite more of an intimateness to this book than the previous two in that it truly is a "family" cookbook and brings in the experiences of the Daulter household. My own personal copy of this book has been flagged and tagged by my own children with recipes that they love, want to make, and want to eat again. I have found my own personal favorites. For nearly a week I found myself making and eating nothing but "Austin and Cameron's Pastrami Bleu Cheese Melt" for lunch. I think my husband thought I had rather lost my mind. But then again his favorites come in things like french onion soup and anything with pumpkin (these can be found in the book too!).

As I said this book is chock full of amazing yummy goodness. There are recipes that you may have never heard of with ingredients you hadn't thought to combine and there are super healthy twists on old favorites. Late last night, after a long day spent at the children's hospital with our youngest son, as much as I knew I should be sleeping, I couldn't help but make the banana bread recipe. It had been on my mind all day. The recipe was simple, quick and seriously yummy.

I highly recommend "The Organic Family Cookbook" to anyone and everyone who wants to break free of the mundane style of cooking and discover just how much fun you can have in the kitchen.

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