Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Cow! It's March already?!

So the new year has been quite abuzz for me with some awesome things going on. Apart from my main computer crashing which wreaked major havoc for me, things have been good.

I have writing/research going on for both of my shows of Cauldron FM, Raven's Circle and The Nest. Cauldron FM is about ready to make the leap to 24/7 broadcasting, which is a major feat for us! The Nest will be broadcasting on CauldronTV as well, as soon as I get my act together (please be patient with me on that). Working with this radio station and the media company, as a whole, has just been a tremendously wonderful experience and really lifted me. I am excited for the future of Moonshadow Media Productions and my future with this company!

I have several book reviews coming up both for radio and my blog. Only one is not a Pagan book review, and I will also have some interviews happening! Stay tuned for details on all of those as they are coming down the pike rather soon! And be looking for me to make an announcement about a giveaway here on my blog. Yay, fun stuff!

Last year as I was trying to come up with gifts for Yule, I discovered a great love and knack for making things from wood and wood-burning as well. I have made pendulum boards, wands, hair-sticks, candle holders, and coasters. In doing so, I decided to open a shop on Etsy called The Well & the Flame. You can find it here. I even made a rune set. I have also got the kids crafting away. They are each making their own wands. My oldest made and wood-burned several pieces herself over the holidays.

I also recently was interviewed for a book being written about women/mothers and the way they worship. The author is an awesome person to talk to and the interview was a lot of fun, the questions really thought provoking. I'm really excited to see this book once it goes to print. :)

Daily I work on keeping complacency out of the home and away from our lives. There is definitely nothing worse than just allowing life to happen and not realizing the impact and change that you can make as just one person.

While things are still brimming and bustling, hopefully they have reached a certain plateau to allow for a more "normal for my family" routine to set back in again.

Until the next time, may you all be reminded that the Divine (however you define that) dwells within each of us and we are all connected.