Friday, July 22, 2011

My Latest Creation

Sometimes I wonder WHAT I was thinking when my daughter and my sister both convinced me I should have a table at the Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival this year, but I am definitely committed to it.

Having kids, a radio show geared towards Pagan children and just generally getting involved in my community (online and in-person) I really began to realize that our children can use spiritual guidance. I don't believe they are ever "too young" to be exposed to our faith & spirituality. I involve my children and they have just this incredible understanding.

In my home, we have a "family altar." Anyone is able to help by adding things to what is there. I also think personal altars are nice. With kids of varying ages, it became obvious to me that something simple should be used with younger children. So, I developed a children's learning altar cloth, complete with elemental goddesses and "markers," per se, for where candles would be placed.

The great thing about this is that the elementals can be moved and placed however needed. For example (in case I've lost anyone), if the place where you lay this cloth faces west, the elementals can be arranged so West is at the top, and all the others placed accordingly. Each elemental can also be picked up and held. This creates the perfect learning opportunity for children. Children can learn about each element with their parents and place anything they feel represents that element with it. By designing this learning cloth as such, I have also left plenty of room for personalization.

My younger children haven't seen this yet, but my oldest loves it. Everything was sewn by hand, so there is plenty of positive magickal intent in there! Now to make the other 17!

Well, I am off to continue working on my latest broadcast of Raven's Circle before heading to bed.

Have an Awesome Day!!!!