Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Morning, please accept my apologies...And other things along the way.

Good Morning world. As I sit here with my morning coffee, I am contemplating many a thing; the fact that I need more sleep, how well my last episode of Raven's Circle came together, what to put into the next show (tho I basically have that covered), what news pieces I actually want to cover in the next edition of The Nest, the next steps of a project I am working on for a fantastic book that is coming out from one of my friends, all of the writing I need to finish for another book, how I hope that beginning the potty-training process with my youngest doesn't make me crazy, and the mountain of things (maybe just a small hill, really) I am going to be reviewing on my blog and upcoming shows. There are probably other things I have to think about as well, but those are what currently come to mind.

So, let me apologize now for the fact that my blog will probably seem, over the coming weeks, that it is turning into a blogger's review of everything. Totally not my intention, but I do like doing reviews of things, trying things out & letting people know my opinion. Not all reviews will hit my radio show as some of these are strictly blog only; most will though. :) But bear with me. If something is a great product, book, CD, etc. (at least in my humble opinion), then I want to let as many people know about it. How better to do that than by reaching out across the web and across the world.

Anyway, if my blog goes wonky for awhile and seems overloaded in reviews, it's only because I really want to let you all know about something for better or for worse.

And now for a really bad plug for myself... . For any of you who have children with special needs, I will be slowly be adding previous articles I had written in Pagan Moonbeams for the Special Pagans (aka Special Needs Kids) section to my Facebook page. I will try to have them all moved over within the week into my notes. I know of one very awesome blogger, and friend, Mrs. B. over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom blog who had reposted a couple of my articles after having contacted me a few years back. I was, and still am, very honored to have articles I have written featured and referenced over there. Having a special needs child is what inspired me to start such a section for the Pagan Moonbeams e-zine in the first place. While I no longer write for them, my sister, Pandora, is still over there. I highly recommend the e-zine. It's directed towards Pagan kids of all ages.

Off my soap-box now. Think I'll go mix up some edible finger-paints to try out. Yes, I said edible. So cool. I already know I love their edible sidewalk chalk, but that's all I'm going to say until my actual review.

Enjoy the rest of your day!



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