Monday, December 13, 2010

Gone too long

So I haven't blogged in forever. I know, it's a shame, right? I'm a writer. I love to write, yet I left my blog here all lonely without any posts. Does it make me a bad writer? Nah, just a busy mom.

So it's December 2010 & I think my last legitimate post was 2 years ago.

Okay, so life happens. And boy does it ever.

I have the most wonderful family though. I have a husband whom I love so dearly and he loves me back. Really there are days when the world could disappear around us and I would be just fine with that. He is the most incredible man, and the guy that every dad out there wishes his daughter would marry. My kids I wouldn't trade for anything, even when they frustrate me. Ornery, free-spirited, and unafraid to take on the world. Yep, they sound like me.

I can say I love my job. I truly love it. It challenges me, and it's awesome. I get to stay-at-home and raise my kids. No, the monetary pay isn't there, but watching my children learn daily is such a great reward. And if you think it's a cake walk to be a SAHM, guess again. I am probably busier than most conventional working parents. 24/7 is the shift, and I LOVE IT.

Pretty soon I'll start posting pics again. There's a new addition to our family - 7 months new. What a love he is too!!

Wherever you are and however you're reading this, have a beautiful day.

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